Version History

0.5 (first released on May 27, 2013)

1. The Style menu in Staff Manager lets you change the notation style on a per staff basis (rather than changing it for the entire score)
2. Quick Text for easy attachment of text to measures, measure/staffs and notes
3. Support for Live 9 (32-bit) and Max 6.1. Patches will be installed to a new location (packages).
4. Macaque has been modularized and embedded in the Macaque Environment.

0.4 (first released on August 22, 2012)

1. Microtonal notation preferences have been moved to the Pitch Tool.
2. The Pitch Tool has been redesigned and is easier to use.
3. For the entry of equal tempered scales, use the nTET-entry “keyboard”. See menu on the bottom.
4. There is better support for Just Intonation with three more entry modes.
5. The user can now set a preference whether playback is automatically performed in overdrive which greatly improves accuracy.
6. The editor does a better job now keeping track of repeated accidentals in 1/8 and 1/12-tone notation modes.
7. The JMSL license file can now be installed from within the MaxScore/LiveScore editors. This will be a boon to those who had difficulties running the JMSL_License_Installer.jar file from the Finder or Explorer.
8. MusicXML files can now be imported to the editor, i.e. scores created in Finale or Sibelius and exported in MusicXML format can be opened and further processed in MaxScore/LiveScore. Kudos to Ádám Siska who made this possible!!

0.3 (released in December 2011)

  • New messages and bug fixes for the core MaxScore object
  • MaxScore for Live MasterScore renamed to LiveScore Editor
  • MaxScore for Live ClipView renamed to LiveScore Viewer
  • Created MaxScore Editor as well as MaxScore Sampler and MaxScore Fluidsynth microtonal playback engines
  • Countless improvements to the Editor interface
  • Created the Picster graphics editor as well as a library for symbols extending JMSL’s native set of symbols.
  • Included Macaque, a spectral transcription and processing application

0.2 (released on May 23, 2011)

  • Created the Scorepion plugin system for control of MasterScore via custom Max patches
  • Switched to faster xml parsing
  • Fixed Sorting Bug. Missing patch cord.
  • Added subtitle, title margin, setTitleVisible
  • Added support for music and text fonts
  • Add “select all notes in measure/staff” in Select Special…

0.1 (released on April 20, 2011)

  • Release of MaxScore for Live


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